Welcome to our opening page of WINTER SPORTS STATS. Coaches that are supporting youth playing in sports. HUGE SPORTS PLAY website has athletes training and highlights videos.

I have sports STATS on sleigh, luge skiing and snowboarding just to name a few. These sports are usually scene on the olympics. The athletes jump onto a sleigh that has steel blades on the bottom which gives extra support. Their tracks are covered with ice and is has a few hills with curves that helps to reduce the speed and makes the course more interesting. They go downhill at really fast speeds only lasting a minute to two.

Finally I have given you your own player/individual or group STATS chart for BOYS, GIRLS and CO-ED. I want you to document all of your experiences with COPY & PASTE.

WORKING together with coaches, teachers, family members and friends with the GOOGLE spreadsheets can make a difference.  Enjoy HUGE SPORTS PLAY.

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