YOUTH Money Spending Chart #1

Please, HIGHLIGHT a cell or box from your favorite SPORTS google spreadsheet template, drag onto that cell to extend the highlight area until all the words are covered, press on the CTRL and C (COPY) buttons together, then open a NEW Google Spreadsheet from the APP and click on a cell with CRTL and V (PASTE). Now, you should see the information transferred so you can start to EDIT or update more personal information. Your spreadsheet is ready to SHARE with others.

YOUTH Money Spending Chart #1



2.HIGHLIGHT the first row(horizontal-side to side) of my VISIBLE SPREADSHEET (COPY & PASTE all the NAMES) onto your new spreadsheet

3.HIGHLIGHT the REST of my VISIBLE SPREADSHEET (COPY & PASTE all the NUMBERS & WORDS) onto your new spreadsheet

4.HIGHLIGHT the FIRST COLUMN(vertical-up and down) where the cells are empty onto your new spreadsheet

5.Stay on your spreadsheet goto EDIT and scroll down to list to DELETE CELLS AND SHIFT LEFT 

6. Save spreadsheet to your google DRIVE so you can update all the time.


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