Welcome to HUGE SPORTS PLAY our MISSION page. I would like to support your athletes through collecting their sports history reports from recreational and competitive clubs, organizations, schools, and/or studios. I am only using Canadian sports minded youth and putting them all together on our website. I have SPORTS/DANCE categories starting from age 5 years old to 18 years old and have several different kinds of STATS charts.

Huge Sports Play (HSP) website allows youth to connect through Individual STATS. All of our of STATS charts have awards on them such as: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, juniors etc… The reasons behind this are I would like to give you another opportunity for your history to be documented. I want your friends to see you develop and remember those memories. I am offering these STATS charts to be at REAL TIME (live) so other friends and family members around the world can see you grow.

Part of my Vision  is allowing COMBINING STATS which is leagues to school to work together to get the players closer to their actual STATS for example: A child plays soccer in a league and scores 2 goals on their Saturday game than that same player scores 1 goal in another soccer game from their school team on Monday. That athlete has 3 goals under their name and this would be called COMBINING STATS. This also allows a player that is not recognized to be recognized

Here’s another reason for my mission through this online program. When a player changes teams for family reasons or other reasons. The athlete should not get penalized from his or hers STATS not appearing. These STATS should be TRANSFERRED and recognized under the athletes name. These documents should therefore follow them. When a player is registered  with HUGE SPORTS PLAY (HSP) online services I will to make sure their information has been TRANSFERRED to the athletes STATS.

I would like to collaborate with your organization to support our youth creating more opportunities for them in the future. I strongly believe that every athlete deserves to have their own history documented regardless at what level. All youth are athletes in their own way. It’s the coach job to make show creativity through practice drills to enhance the youth ability. Huge Sports Play would like to support the athletes through their personal information and achievement at REAL TIME (live). This kind of documentation can provide extra motivation to your athletes because they see their name, picture, video and STATs on the internet through the cell phone, tablet, laptop and or desktop which they can show off to their friends and family members and that’s really important to them these days.

The best part of this concept is being a role model, completion of community hours and the fostering a new system from university and or college students to graduate plus successfully getting a suitable job or creating a new organization.

The leadership role would start from those students at university and or college documenting the sports stats of high school students games. They have a high school student beside them and teaching them to entering the stats numbers of the game. This would mean the students from university and or college completes 3 hours per game and that gets documented to their community hours of their program. Then this same system could be fostered through the high school students to the elementary students also meaning that perhaps 1 game could equals .5 or 1 hour towards their volunteer hours being completed.

Now, those elementary students whom have been taught STATS from the high school students have completed being mentored.  That education level moves up to high school. They become new role models to start the cycle all over again to start teaching at elementary.

Students can learn a lot through keeping STATS such as; staying involved,  connecting with others, team work, sports, community building, employment and being a better person of the society.

This collaboration with Huge Sports Play means your organization has full access to documenting the athletes participation in the events, promotions and logos.

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Thank you very much on behalf of our staff from Huge Sports Play.

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