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Limited Quantity Hockey Pucks Package                                                                                                            $40.00

Target Shots or Mini Discs can be CUSTOMIZED WORDS AND DIRECTIONS on a 10 inch NYLON fabric that is coated and 98% waterproof, durable and extremely stronger 4700-7000 psi. The weights are .08 (light paper rolled rope 3/16) OR 1.9 (thin wire coated with green rubber 4 & 5 mm). The perimeter is a polyester fabric filled with light paper rolled rope (3/16), metal grommets (1 inch) and rubber soft transparent silicone tube (3/16). This is the most talked about Nylon fabric. All words or directions are made from VINYL for this multipurpose sports training equipment device. The words on the circular shape (Target Shots or Mini Discs) can be seen over 20 yards away and this product can be hung on the wall, placed on the ground to jump over and or running around and onto. Package weight (1.4 kg) containing a nylon bag (12 inches), TARGET SHOTS (8) made from fabric with vinyl words (10 inch),web flat rope 1 inch and 5 meters long, 8 hockey pucks (3 inch base but only for pick up), and 8 wooden sticks (12 inch). ASZORTID TARGET SHOTS or Mini Discs can be used for CIRCUIT TRAINING, BOOT CAMP, TARGET HITTING with an object, AGILITY LADDER with 30 different ways to set it up and VERTICAL JUMPING OBSTACLE (highest point 1.5 feet with the use of the stands) plus 2 different ways to set it up. The picture below is a perfect example of Aszortid TARGET SHOTS or Mini Discs COMPLETE PACKAGE DEAL. *************Please pick your words from my list of examples or choose your own words.

-Pick any of the 8 Target Shots or Mini Discs to make your complete package

-Copy and Paste WORDS or DIRECTION SIGNS  into the comment box for complete your order

-Images are usually about 5-6 inches long

-Please mention it in the COMMENT

Aszortid Target Shots

8 Target Shots or Mini Discs per package, 1 flat webbed rope, 8 x (10 inches or 12 inches) straws or sticks and a bag 10 inches each Target Shots can be Red and Green can have prints Yellow NO prints


Aszortid Target Shots

9-10 inch with or without grommets holes can be stitched with or without prints no holes are possible Target Shots can be Red, Yellow and Green perimeter (rope or green rubber with wire 3mm or 5mm) 1. Copy the WORD/S or directions from the grid of several pictures from above or beside 2. Paste them into the COMMENT box 3, You can also CREATE your own WORDS please use COMMENT box


Aszortid Target Shots Pro

7-8 inch with or without grommets holes can be stitched no holes are possible Target Shots PRO can be Red, YELLOW and Green NO prints perimeter (rope or green rubber with wire 3mm or 5mm) Please use COMMENT box if you want VINYL DOT or PLAIN



5 INCH Target Shots JR can be Red YELLOW and Green NO prints NO holes perimeter (rope or green rubber with wire 3mm or 5mm)


Hockey Pucks

3 inch black hockey pucks 3 holes


Black bag

polyester 12 inch black bag


plastic straws

10 inch white plastic straws 8 in a package


Wood sticks (Dowels)

12 inch wooden sticks 8 in a package


Flat webbed nylon rope

This is a 5 meter red flat webbed nylon rope that can be used with the target shots to make an agility ladder


Additional Product Information about ASZORTID TARGET SHOTS

Some of these pictures seen on this website and in our advertisements use assistance to support Aszortid (These shapes made from NYLON fabric that have VINYL-words, numbers and directions) product and therefore it is not included with the sale of our Aszortid product.

Certaines de ces images vues sur ce site et dans nos publicités utilisent des produits d’assistance pour soutenir le produit Aszortid (formes de polyester en tissu avec des mots, des chiffres, des symboles, des directions et des ponctuations en nylon) et ne sont donc pas inclus dans la vente de nos Produit Asortid.

These fabrics are washable. To be used during daylight hours. They are bendable. They float on the water. Please follow instructions on how to use fabric made from shapes.

Ces tissus sont lavables. A utiliser pendant la journée. Ils sont flexibles. Ils flottent sur l’eau. S’il vous plaît suivez les instructions sur la façon d’utiliser le tissu fabriqué à partir de formes.

Jeux (deviner combien de côtés), sports (baseball, football, hockey), agilité (sauter sur ou sur des formes) et empiler (construire).


Do not put fabric dots inside your mouth and suck and or try to eat it.

Do not put fabric dots t on people. Do not try to hang from them fabric dots.

Do not throw fabric dots at people because people could get hurt. Do not put the fabric into the dryer. Do not put fabric dots in oil, glue, paint, food and or drinks because it might get destroyed.


Ne placez pas de points de tissu dans votre bouche et ne les sucez pas et ne tentez pas de les manger.

Ne mettez pas de points de tissu sur les gens. N’essayez pas de leur accrocher des points de tissu.

Ne jetez pas de points de tissu sur les personnes car les gens pourraient être blessés. Ne pas mettre le tissu dans la sécheuse. Ne placez pas de points de tissu dans l’huile, la colle, la peinture, la nourriture ou les boissons car elles pourraient être détruites)

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