Hi, welcome to Huge Sports Play. My Purpose is try my best and make sure our young athletes has his or her STATS done from the age of 5 years old. I am also trying encourage some coaches from their organization to do the athletes STATS charts with the support of the athletes family members and or friends. I want to make sure their experience is never forgotten. For these reasons I have chosen to do so many sports/dance STATS charts at REAL TIME (live). I want more families and friends to be involved with their child sports/dance. Huge Sports Play wants our youth to get the proper support. I would like the community to start working together just a little better for our athletes.

Part of this process is to have your own STATS chart that you can COPY and Paste from any of my pages on this website and it doesn’t matter where you live.  Work together with with your community and let them document your playing experience. You don’t have to use all of my categories but I thought I should give you 95% of the categories to make things easier for you. This could be the first step of your child controlling more of you future showcasing all their achievements in sports/dance from this website. These STATS charts could assists you when preparing for an audition, building a resume and going for an interview. I want to help you with documenting your journey through the life of Sports/Dance and Education.

Please take a look at my son for example: Ryley A Palmer age 5-SPORTS -Basketball, Jazz, hip hop, modern, MMA & BOXING.

Go to those pages and you will see his abilities.

EXAMPLE: This could be YOUR SPORT STATS chart for the year

RYLEY Individual Sports STATS

used to update (REAL TIME or live)


At the bottom of every page on this website you will see some instructions to give you extra support.

Thank you from Huge Sports Play (HSP)

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