Yosvany Mirable (Professional Abstract Painter)

As an artist, creating isn’t the most difficult thing to do, it’s a process that comes to help express my life and share with others.
Sharing my art, make it available for others to enjoy, that’s the hard part.
I choose a well known site
Own by a great friend and entrepreneur.
Created professionally, with a great range of inclusive community base.
Very easy to navigate, safe for children , with a growing power and opportunity to expand, participate, create and make choices available for everyone.
Don’t wait, check it out , be part of it , it’s all about us , all of us.
Thank you.

Professional Cameraman, Videographer and Photographer

Careface CVP- Camera, Video and Photography

Biography Careface CVP, known to most as Colin D, was born in Saint Elizabeth Jamaica and raised in Manchester Jamaica. In the 90s I migrated to Canada and have been living here ever since. I’m the creator of Careface CVP channel on YouTube. I have been a content creator since 2013. I created over 250 contents on my YouTube page called Carefaece CVP. I created over 600 Footage on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter etc. I worked with many Canadian small businesses creating content for advertising, marketing, and promotion. I have captured and edited a tremendous number of birthday celebrations. I have worked with many Canadian reggae, Reggaeton, and R&B artists. I worked with Canadian gospel singer Jannett Scott Garvey and Reggae dancehall artist Keithy Ranks now known as ELDER BLESS, Dudley Patrick OR D LUV artist from Jamaica JOE DI PLUMMA International Canadian Jamaican REGGAE DANCEHALL artist Horace Martin producing music videos. I worked with festivals like Rastafest and Sistahfest and community activist Mr. Winston LaRose Covering some of his events, including his birthday celebration on October 10. GET IT NOW FOR ONLY $100. Find out about the discount.

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