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I will only work with school teams, leagues, camps, clubs, studios, athletes, coaches, trainers, teachers, instructors, recruiters, recreation centres, day camps, studios, martial arts gyms, sport programs, camp programs, youth organizations and dance studios for $50.00 dollars annually.

HUGE SPORTS PLAY fee is $50.00 dollars annually to access my online services at REAL TIME (live) 24 x 7 as many times as you want throughout the DAY OR NIGHT to make updates to all SPORTS & DANCE happening in your youth organizations (recreation centres, day camps, studios, schools and sport programs and dance studios) which includes their staff members such as; coaches, trainers, teachers, instructors and recruiters. All of this information supports  your organization and all your athletes/performers.


  • Fill out the sports organization application (authorization registration process).
  • I investigate your corporation/organization.
  • HUGE SPORTS PLAY sends an approval email to you so you can begin to have full access to make your updates on Huge Sports Play or Huge Sport Plays website.

Huge Sports Play/Huge Sport Plays allows you to edit pages throughout the year 24 x 7 DAY & NIGHT. This page is the beginning process of the application then comes the security check call back.

This application form is confidential between the two parties (applicant and Huge Sports Play (HSP)). The athletes organization must inform the athlete/s, parents and or guardian about using HUGE SPORTS PLAY and HUGE SPORT PLAYS(third party company) online SPORTS/DANCE STATS services.


  1. Please educate yourself on goggles spreadsheet so it becomes more user friendly.
  2. Please do not give out your password to anyone.
  3. You can not change any REAL TIME STATS NAMES TITLES or CATEGORIES on goggles spreadsheet or website page.
  4. Please send HugeSportsPlay2018@gmail.com  (me or box below) an email if you have new athletes that would like to add.
  5. Please send HugeSportsPlay2018@gmail.com  (me or box below) an email if you have any new changes you would like to see on spreadsheets.
  6. Please remove athletes names when they are 19 years old.
  7. Please be professional at all times.



Payment E Transfer







This is the application fee for your organisation registration


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