This website supports kids and their family members through FREE SPORTS STAT CHART TEMPLATES using google spreadsheets WITHOUT SIGNING UP.

These sport stats are categorized into BOYS, GIRLS, CO-ED and PERSONAL for the elementary, junior elementary, high school, recreational, competitive clubs, organizations, schools, and/or studios. Your stat chats can be COMBINED and TRANFERED from two teams and placed onto Huge Sports Play (HSP). It would be awesome to see Your REAL TIME stats and game playing experience video from your cell phone, too. 

Your COACHES and or ADMINISTRATION TEAMS have to collaborate with the each other to document and make the STAT information on HSP stat charts. 

Download the Google APP in order to use my spreadsheet templates that I made. You should HIGHLIGHT, COPY, PASTE and  EDIT any if the spreadsheets so it can be saved on your CELL PHONES, TABLETS and or LAPTOPS. Go to the menu box in the top right corner and click to see drop down list of all the pages.

Watch the video below to see an example of one of many stat charts on this website. Please SHARE this website with your family members and friends. Thank you.




Videography & Camera

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