Welcome to Tiny Bubbles Playground Corp. With my ASZORTID PRODUCTS and Huge Sport Play/s.

ASZORTID products

I use a few types of polyester for my products. They support indoor and outdoor activities.  My indoor designs are called Aszortid Educational Shapes and they support EDUCATION learning at the elementary level and these are like flash cards but made from fabric. These shapes are currently in circles, squares, triangles, rectangle and diamonds. I also used a wide range of colours . My outdoor designs are called Aszortid Target Shots and they support SPORTS and TRAINING. These only come in circles and the colour red.

ASZORTID (Educational Shapes)

  • Alphabet Letters, Numbers, Symbols, Words, Pictures, Shapes & Colours
  • These shape sizes are 10 cm or 3 inches
  • Words in French and English

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  • Targets, Agility Ladder, Mini Jumping Obstacle and Signs for Circuit Training
  • The TARGET SHOTS PRO size are 13 cm or 5 inches
  • The TARGET SHOTS 25 cm or 9-10 inches

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This website supports youth and family members through Sports, Dancing, Academics, Gaming and Budgeting STATS or CHARTS. I am using google spreadsheets that are FREE but you have to download the Google APP in order to use the spreadsheets that I made. These basic BOYS, GIRLS, CO-ED and PERSONAL youth stats charts are for anyone that wants to keep records on their CELL PHONES, TABLETS and LAPTOPS. Watch the video below to see an example of one of many stat charts I have on this website. COPY and PASTE any if the spreadsheets so it can be on your CELL PHONES, TABLETS and or LAPTOPS. Go to the menu box in top right corner and click to see drop down list of all the pages. Please SHARE this website with your family members and friends. Thank you.

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